A Quick Guide On How To Use Ponytail Hair Extensions

A Quick Guide On How To Use Ponytail Hair Extensions

Now that you have purchased your very own ponytail hair extension , the next step is to find out ways to correctly make use of them. It is one thing to buy the next ponytail extension and another thing to install them to give you the appearance that you prefer. In this post, we will offer you a fast rundown of the steps on how to wear your clip in ponytail extension.

Preparing your ponytail hair extension

Make sure to pick a clip in ponytail extension made from 100% human hair. Synthetics ought to never be a choice if you are aiming to invest in exceptional quality hair combination items. Human hair extensions last longer, look more natural and are manageable, too.

Select a clip in a ponytail that is made from human hair and is close to your natural shade. There is online hair colour matching guides that will assist you to choose the very best item to match your hair.

When you have gotten your clip-in hair extension, ensure to cut it according to your favoured length or about the same length as your real hair.

Appropriate Way to Apply Ponytail with Hair Extensions

Collect the following tools for fast and straightforward styling:

  • clip-in hair extensions

  • paddle brush

  • clip

  • barrettes

  • mirror

  • hair ties

Section a little portion of your hair at the top of your head. Make sure to protect it up and out of the method with a clip or pin. Get a thin hair of hair beneath and produce a ponytail. Protect this with a hair tie.

Get your clip-in hair extensions and secure it around the little ponytail. Fasten the clips into place as near to the roots as possible.

Get another weft of clip-ins and position it on top of the ponytail that you just made.

Install a two-clip extension weft beneath the ponytail with hair extension.

Pull down the hair you first secured at the crown of your hair and brush it together with the locks that were bundled up in a ponytail. Make sure the extensions are covered and protected at the centre. Tie securely with a ponytail, and you are all done!

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